Urbhanize® is a dance fitness program based on streetdance moves spiced up with moves from the pakistani/indian folk dance bhangra. 75% Street, 25% Bhangra – 100% amazing mix of 2 different cultures.

USTIX by Urbhanize®

USTIX by Urbhanize® is a full-body dance fitness program that uses drum sticks specifically designed for exercise to help participants burn up to 1000 calories in a 55-minute class through intense dance, cardio and strength training.


Urbhanize Shorties® is a dance fitness program dedicated to children with ages between 6-12!
The idea of the program is to give children the chance to workout while having fun, to develop a healthy lifestyle, to gain self-confidence, to express their emotions and attitudes through dance, to learn new cultures and many other benefits!.


“We train instructors how to love people. We train people how to love themselves”

  • Choice

    Choose to invest in yourself by attending an Urbhanize® class and USTIX by Urbhanize® class or become one of our instructors.

  • Change

    The changes are more than physical.
    Body + Mind + Spirit.

  • Impact

    Have a healthy impact on your family, your friends, your community – all because you choose to invest in yourself.


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