Instructor Training Part Payment 60$

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Instructor Training Part Payment 60$


All sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances unless this Instructor Training is cancelled.
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Urbhanize® is a dance fitness program based on the urban moves from street dance and Hip-Hop.

Urbhanize® is combining the coolest moves with rocking hot Hip-Hop Music, adding high cardio elements from the Pakistani/Indian folk Dance Bhangra. The format of Urbhanize® is very easy to follow and to teach, and will for sure get People into that groovy and happy feeling, while working up a great sweat.

Through Urbhanize® you will have the opportunity to express a cool attitude while feeling and following the great vibes and beat from the funky Music. You will feel a high, pumping endorphins, and increased heart rate, which will benefit you both psysically and mentally!

This payment 60$ is for the Part Payment of Instructor Trainings where there is an agreement between the new Instructor and a Master Trainer!

The payment 60$ convers 1/3 of a normal Step1 Instructor Training and must be completed with 3 payments before the Instructor Training takes place.

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