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USTIX by Urbhanize® can be taught in 2 different formats. We offer all our instructors training in both formats – Aerobic Format and Song by Song Format.


USTIX by Urbhanize® Instructor Training – Thessaloniki, GREECE
With the creators: DENISA & DENNIS THOMSEN

The training will be in English.


Davaki 6 Neapoli
Thessaloniki 56727

TRAINING Starts 10:00 and will finish around 18:00

Included in the UstiX by Urbhanize® instructor training:
* 1 pair of UstiX
* Instructor Manual

Important information:
To teach UstiX by Urbhanize® a license is required. The license is 150$ per year and can be purchased here through a link sent to everyone after registering for the training. The 150$ is an offer that must be purchased BEFORE or DURING the instructor training. Paying after the instructor training the yearly fee is 175$.

Extra “FITSTICKS” can be bought in the training. We recommend everyone to order your sticks 2 weeks before the date of the training via dennis@urbhanize.com

All Urbhanize® and Urbhanize Shorties® instructors with an active license/good standing membership will not need to sign up for another new license. The license covers all programs offered by Urbhanize®

UstiX by Urbhanize® is a full-body dance fitness program  developed by Denisa & Dennis Thomsen, last mentioned also known in the dance & fitness world as the founder and creator of Urbhanize® Dance Fitness. The dance fitness workout uses drum sticks specifically designed for exercise to help participants burn up to 1000 calories in a 55-minute class through intense dance, cardio and strength training.

UstiX by Urbhanize® combines easy and super hot dance moves with spicy cardio moves inspired from the Indian culture with a hot and real fun selection of body strength moves, all mixed in each session to be DANCE-CARDIO-STRENGTH. Using drum stix is so much fun, it makes you sweat and burn calories without even realising that you are working out and gives a mental trick that will always get you over the hump!
Using the UstiX challenge your  body differently than a normal dance fitness class by making each move bigger and more challenging and helping you burn even more calories and tone up faster.

You HIT it, you SHAKE it, UstiX with IT!

All sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances unless this Instructor Training is cancelled.
We refer to the terms of conditions.