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Oct. 14th: Instructor Training, USTIX by Urbhanize® – Dennis Thomsen, TOKYO, JAPAN



The training is in ENGLISH language with help of Japanese language by Miho Saita.

Conducted by Creator & Founder DENNIS THOMSEN (Denmark)
Hosted, organized and supported by Official Urbhanize® Controller of Japan MIHO SAITA
Supported also by Master Trainer of Japan and Indonesia Putri Nakada

Oct. 12th: Master Trainer Training, Urbhanize® – Dennis Thomsen, TOKYO, JAPAN

The training starts at 10:00 and will finish around 18:00 same day
Price. 320$ by signing up online
Price: 450$ by signing up paying cash


Shibuya Studio
Tokyo, Japan

Urbhanize® Japan supports mental and physical well-being!
We support people who can entertain themselves! We support those who keep studying with ambition!

All second licenses will be 30% off.

One year license will be granted by successfully completing an instructor training. One more attendance to a training is included in the first training fee. You can further improve your skills by attending training again after obtaining the instructor qualification.

License will be renewed automatically if you register at the instructor base. At the Instructor Base, you can download songs used in the lessons delivered monthly and view the choreography of master trainers of different countries. In addition, you can check the basic movements and how to assemble choreography at any time. In addition, various instructor discounts are available.

Urbhanize® Japan supports all the instructors’ activities in Japan.


USTIX by Urbhanize® is a full-body dance fitness program  developed by Denisa & Dennis Thomsen, last mentioned also known in the dance & fitness world as the founder and creator of Urbhanize® Dance Fitness. The dance fitness workout uses drum sticks specifically designed for exercise to help participants burn up to 1000 calories in a 55-minute class through intense dance, cardio and strength training.

USTIX by Urbhanize® combines easy and super hot dance moves with spicy cardio moves inspired from the Indian culture with a hot and real fun selection of body strength moves, all mixed in each session to be DANCE-CARDIO-STRENGTH. Using drum stix is so much fun, it makes you sweat and burn calories without even realising that you are working out and gives a mental trick that will always get you over the hump!
Using the USTIX challenge your  body differently than a normal dance fitness class by making each move bigger and more challenging and helping you burn even more calories and tone up faster.

You HIT it, you SHAKE it, USTIX with IT!

All sales are final. No refunds will be given under any circumstances unless this Instructor Training is cancelled.
We refer to the terms of conditions.

To teach and run Urbhanize® Classes & USTIX by Urbhanize® Classes you will have to sign up the Instructor Base for your licenses and access to the Urbhanize® Instructor Base (Music, Videos). Early Bird price for new instructors if signed before or DURING the day of the training is 150$, and must be renewed every year to maintain license to teach the programs offered by Urbhanize®. The License covers all the programs offered by Urbhanize®. Signing the license after the day of the training will be 175$ as a yearly license fee.