Dennis Thomsen

I am proud to give the world an opportunity to join Urbhanize®! A life as dancer and with many titles in the backpack Urbhanize® has been created with love for dance, music and for the social life with other people.
For me it is highly important to give people a program which is easy to follow and at the same time with cool music and in a format which is easy to understand. This is what I do with Urbhanize®!
The mix of Streetdance and Bhangra is the best mix of choreography and cardio. The 7 minutes sessions are another wonderul feature about Urbhanize® – it fits a perfect break down of a choregraphy with 4-6 different elements.
As student you get, what you need to burn calories and for having so much fun and as Instructor of my program, you get what you need to feel successful as instructor and you have unlimited many opportunities to be creative and take yourself and your dance fitness classes to a next level.

Join Urbhanize® – become one of our instructors and just FEEL how good it feels to lead a class and see everyone FOLLOW!
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Dennis W. Thomsen Creator & Founder of Urbhanize® 27. February 2018