Draginja Topić, Bosnia & Herzegovina
I heard about urbhanize on facebook and since the Instructor training was in Belgrade when I was there I immediately signed up. It was in May 2016. I met some wonderful people and the creator of urbhanize Dennis Thomsen personally in a room full of positives vibes. It was a great experience. Since I’m crazy about dance, hip hop, teaching, sweating and laughing, urbhanize was exactly all that in one, so I couldn’t wait to come in Bosnia and start my urbhanize classes. I started in June 2016 and I have my classes ever since with many people coming all the time and I have to say that the energy and happiness that people produce in our dance hall is just amazing and can’t be described. You have to try it and you’ll see you just can’t stop doing it 🙂

Draginja Topić, Bosnia & Herzegovina Urbhanize® Master Trainer 27. February 2018