Joy Jacintha Selvaraj, India/Japan

“My impression of the program format :
Very well framed with a lot of thought put into the beats so that it builds up the rhythm which makes it easy for the instructor to prepare the choreography and also the students to memorize the steps

My impression of the music :
I am originally from India so needless to say I’m inspired by the Bhangra beats while I’m also curious to dance to trendy beats and when you combine both its is a beautiful collaboration which is exactly what you offer

My impression on my Master trainer -Dennis Thomsen :
I give my sincere appreciation to your patience with which you teach and your passion to bring Urbhanize to all people who raise their hands to become an instructor is very inspiring. I like that you also gave us a sneak-peak into your journey so far. Your class made me want to also participate in the Step 2 training so I look forward to that ! Once again thank you for visiting Japan and giving your best.

Joy Jacintha Selvaraj, India/Japan 1. March 2018