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I live in Singapore and I have been an instructor for BodyCombat for 13 years, until I was introduced to Urbhanize in March 2016. It is a great dance fitness program, with great format, music and moves. I never thought I would be able to teach dance, but Dennis' training made it happen. I started Continue Reading

Yi Li, Singapore 27. February 2018

I was Taekwondo player 16 years and after I quit racing, I start teaching aerobic classes. I got my first aerobic certification in October 2014. I got my Urbhanize licence in February 2017 and I start teaching Urbhanize immediately. I declare myself a big fan of Urbhanize, I just fell in love with Urbhanize.Urbhanize keeps Continue Reading

Erika Bajko, Romania 27. February 2018

I am an instructor Urbhanize from Poland. I have license since July 2016. All my life is connected with the dance.  In my opinion Urbhanize is not just a fitness dance program but a lifestyle 🙂 One of my greatest loves is hip hop, so I fell in love with Urbhanize so easily.

27. February 2018

First I didn't know about Urbhanize program but then I took the training in True fitness Thailand in March 2016. I feel amazing with this program because I love hip-hop music and I learn Urbhanize formula which is easy to teach and follow and it's for everyone- good for brain, cardio and creative. After 1 Continue Reading

Natthapong Champachan, Thailand Urbhanize® Master Trainer 27. February 2018

I fell in love with Urbhanize  because of the great music and the wonderful combination of streetdance and Bhangra It feels like this is something new and different from other programs.

Anna Kossak, Poland 27. February 2018

I heard about urbhanize on facebook and since the Instructor training was in Belgrade when I was there I immediately signed up. It was in May 2016. I met some wonderful people and the creator of urbhanize Dennis Thomsen personally in a room full of positives vibes. It was a great experience. Since I'm crazy Continue Reading

Draginja Topić, Bosnia & Herzegovina Urbhanize® Master Trainer 27. February 2018

I got my Urbhanize licence in September 2015. I always loved sport and dance. It´s my life and I need it to be happy and healthy. With dance I learned to move again after an operation on my head! By urbhanize I have taken off 35 kg of my body weight. So I get to be an Urbhanize Continue Reading

Maria Sperling, Germany 27. February 2018

I made the Step 1 in Luxembourg and the Step 2 in Bucarest. I know Dennis Thomsen, since severals years now and like a lot his formations and classes.  Urbhanize is a mix from Hip-hop/ bhangra. I recognize me in this programm. Hip-Hop stays one my favorite dance style. And like a lot the Bhangra Continue Reading

Cécile Sujatha, Germany 27. February 2018

In  July 2016 I met a Polish  Urbhanize Master Trainer. That was my first contact with Urbhanize and fell in love to this music and moves.My favourite songs from for ex. Chris Brown mixed and conected with fitness, what more I should need to have fun in my job. So after that moment I deciced Continue Reading

Norbert Tomaszewski, Poland 27. February 2018

I am proud to give the world an opportunity to join Urbhanize®! A life as dancer and with many titles in the backpack Urbhanize® has been created with love for dance, music and for the social life with other people. For me it is highly important to give people a program which is easy to Continue Reading

Dennis W. Thomsen Creator & Founder of Urbhanize® 27. February 2018

Hi, Dennis. Thank you for coming to Japan. I really enjoyed and was impressed by your instruction training. First, Actually I did not expect the training so much. But, I found the system of Urbhanize is well designed and now, I confirm it will be the most popular fitness program in near future. Thanks again, Continue Reading

Ise Shiro, Japan 27. February 2018

If you have always wanted to feel like a music star, then this is your chance! Go crazy and set yourself free with USTIX! A class that will take out the best of you! USTIX by Urbhanize®

Anca Rus, Romania Urbhanize® Instructor 27. February 2018

I am Lia from Cluj, Romania. I’ve been an Aerobics instructor 2 years now. One day searching on the Internet I saw there was an Urbhanize training in Arad. Because I did 12 years of modern dancing I thought this is an opportunity for me… And it sure was… Urbhanize is part of my life Continue Reading

Lia Sabau, Romania 27. February 2018

USTIX was the most fun! Dancing with drum sticks made me excited, made me smile and energetic. And it let me consume a lot of calories. Thank you very much.

Miho Saita, Japan 27. February 2018

Urbhanize Step 2 私はUrbhanizeやその他のクラスを教えていませんが、メンタルコントロールの小麦はすごく興味深く、ダンス以外の日常生活でも使えるものです。 新しい動きも、ただただ格好良かったです。 Even though I don't teach Urbhanize or any other lessons, the mental control lecture was so interesting and useful for my daily life. Also new movements are simply so cool.

Shumpei Takizawa, Japan 27. February 2018

Urbhanize® is the best combination to feel powerful. I put all my strength and adrenaline in every move that makes me finish my days full of joy and happiness! If you love dancing or would like to build a better and more confident self join now the classes, you won't regret it!

Miriam Arz, Spain 28. February 2018

UstiX こんなプログラムは初めてです! ドラムスティックがあるおかげで、リズムを自分で能動的にとる楽しさが、そして苦手な筋トレもかなりの強度に。 I never had this kInd of exciting program! With drum sticks, I enjoyed counting beats by myself. Also easily brought the mustle training level to the max!!

Shumpei Takizawa, Japan 28. February 2018

Ustix is an amazing program, just as you never seen before! The drumsticks are the perfect add to the mixture! Prepare yourself to release all the stress and enjoy yourself with every beat! I already love it, what are you waiting for?

Miriam Arz, Spain 28. February 2018

アーバンナイズ ステップ 1 では、基本動作とプログラムの作り方、プログラム実施方法を学びます。 ステップ 2 では、 インストラクターとしてレッスンに対するモチベーション維持と、更に高める方法。 窮地に陥った時に回避する為のアイデアをドリル。 新しいヒップホップとバングラのステップを習得し、 幅の広い参加者に対応出来るプログラムの作り方、 それをプレゼンテーションするスキルも磨きます。 世界で活躍するデニスだからこその手厚い養成プログラムだと思います。 In Urbhanize Step 1, you learn basic actions, how to program them and how to teach it. In Step 2, as an instructor, drill a method to maintain motivation to lessons, further enhance it, and an idea to avoid falling into trouble. Continue Reading

Chihiro Kurokawa, Japan 28. February 2018

“My impression of the program format : Very well framed with a lot of thought put into the beats so that it builds up the rhythm which makes it easy for the instructor to prepare the choreography and also the students to memorize the steps My impression of the music : I am originally from Continue Reading

Joy Jacintha Selvaraj, India/Japan 1. March 2018

I like it so much because I worked all my muscles. It’s a bit hard, but in time my resistence will get stronger for sure.  After my first USTIX class I feel free and good, relaxed, sweaty but so damn good. I would recommend it to all my friends. I will tell them that if Continue Reading

Sonia Dumitru, Romania 8. March 2018

I liked USTIX so much and for sure I will take another class. It was intense. Physically I am done, I feel that all my muscles were involved in the moves, but emotionally I feel so happy, I got a positive energy back.  I recommend USTIX to my friends and I would tell them it’s Continue Reading

Raluca Ungureanu, Romania 8. March 2018

My first class of USTIX was just amazing. I feel after so relaxed and I feel the  workout was so intense. I burned a lot of calories. I would recommend it to my friends because it’s so cool!

Moni Andra, Romania 8. March 2018

My first impression of USTIX: super cool program, super cool idea, funny, crazy. Physically I feel so good, energetic. Emotionally I am now so positive and I feel so positive . Great job guys!

Carmen Cernat, Romania 8. March 2018

This idea of DANCE fitness with drumsticks it’s so clever and fun. You don’t realize how the time flies. I feel free and relieved and i feel how I burn calories.

Dima Ioana, Romania 8. March 2018

It was such an exciting and fun class. I feel excellent physically and emotionally and I would recommend it to my friends. They should feel the happiness and the joy that makes USTIX  a super workout.

Oana Gaspar, Romania 8. March 2018

USTIX is a superb workout, very energic and excellent music.  I am a bit tired, but in a positive way. I feel great! You must try it! Dance, workout, fun.

Annamaria Mezei, Romania 8. March 2018

USTIX it’s a superclass, the most interesting class I’ve ever tried.  I am so happy you created this dance program with drumsticks.  I feel very good, I feel it was the most beautiful dance-fitness class. It fills you with energy. I would recommand it to my friends. It’s just wonderful!

Antonia Gillo, Romania 8. March 2018

USTIX is an intense, cardio and energetic dance fitness program. I feel extraordinary, I feel fantastic after one class of USTIX. I would recommand it to my friends because it’s a program full of everything. A lot of movements, cardio, great energy  and positive attitude.

Zoicas Ama-Sofia, Romania 8. March 2018

I am proud of Denisa and Dennis, the people who created this program. I have no words.  Physically I am done but emotionally I feel so free of everything. I would for sure recommand this program to all my friends.

Laura Roxana, Romania 8. March 2018

My first USTIX class was super. So much energy, sweat and good mood. I like that we work all the time the arms and the legs. I feel excellent. Physical and emotional. I released tensions, I screamed, I feel so good.  I would recommand it to my friends because it’s one of the best experience Continue Reading

Bogdana Virag, Romania 8. March 2018

My first USTIX class was cool. It’s great that USTIX works all your body and I am happy that I could work my arms. Your energy it’s the best. I really relaxed myself, released myself and filled with so much positive energy. I would recommend it to my friends. It’s a dance-fitness program full of Continue Reading

Nora Nita, Romania 8. March 2018

USTIX is a positive and intense workout, but same time so relaxing. USTIX is so welcome after one day of work. You forget about all the problems. I would recommend it to my friends and I would tell them that it’s an exciting program and it put all your mucles to work.

Lorena Daniela, Romania 8. March 2018