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Urbhanize Shorties® is a Dance Fitness program for children and youth in the age between 6 and 12 based on the Urban moves from Street Dance and Hip Hop.



Urbhanize Shorties® is combining cool moves that children easily can relate to with Smokin ́Hot HipHop music, adding elements from the Indian/Pakistani folk dance Bhangra.

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The format of Urbhanize Shorties® is very easy for children to follow, and will for sure let them shine, while having lots of fun and joy. The many benefits of Urbhanize Shorties® are not only developing healthy cardio respiratory effects, that will follow children into adulthood, but they also develop thinking and communication skills, and will build self-confidence.

The idea of Urbhanize Shorties® is to give children the opportunity to exercise while having lots of fun, developing a healthy lifestyle, feeling the good vibes from the great beats of the music, learning new cultures, expressing emotions through their body, grow physically strong, develop thinking and communication skills as they explore and interact with the world around them along with building a healthy self-confidence.

Urbhanize Shorties® was launched on november 1st. 2016 by Dennis W. Thomsen.

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The Urbhanize Shorties® instructor training is from February 2018 OPEN TO ALL and the STEP1 instructor training from Urbhanize® is not required to sign up for the Shorties instructor training.

To teach the program it is required to sign up for the Urbhanize® license (Instructor Base). The license  must be signed before, during or at latest 14 days after the date of the instructor training. 

In the Instructor Base you will find all the basic moves recorded for you to get ready and to teach. We provide new music and new choreographies every month so you can get inspired and rock your classes. 

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The Urbhanize® license can be signed with 150$ before or during the instructor training. Signing the license after the instructor training and within 14 days after the training price is 175$.

Everyone who took the instructor training can sign the license up to 3 months after the day of the training with 220$. After 3 months from the date of the training a new training is required to sign the license.

1 license covers all 3 programs from Urbhanize®. If you have a license for one of the 3 programs offered by Urbhanize® you can take the instructor trainings for the two other programs without signing another license. 



I live in Singapore and I have been an instructor for BodyCombat for 13 years, until I was introduced to Urbhanize in March 2016. It is a great dance fitness program, with great format, music and moves. I never thought I would be able to teach dance, but Dennis' training made it happen. I started Continue Reading

Yi Li, Singapore 27. February 2018

I was Taekwondo player 16 years and after I quit racing, I start teaching aerobic classes. I got my first aerobic certification in October 2014. I got my Urbhanize licence in February 2017 and I start teaching Urbhanize immediately. I declare myself a big fan of Urbhanize, I just fell in love with Urbhanize.Urbhanize keeps Continue Reading

Erika Bajko, Romania 27. February 2018

I am an instructor Urbhanize from Poland. I have license since July 2016. All my life is connected with the dance.  In my opinion Urbhanize is not just a fitness dance program but a lifestyle 🙂 One of my greatest loves is hip hop, so I fell in love with Urbhanize so easily.

27. February 2018

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