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Urbhanize® is a dance fitness program based on the urban moves from street dance and Hip-Hop.

Urbhanize® is combining the coolest moves with rocking hot Hip-Hop music, adding high cardio elements from the Pakistani/Indian folk dance Bhangra.

The format of Urbhanize® is very easy to follow and to teach, and will for sure get people into that groovy and happy feeling, while working up a great sweat.

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Only the one who signed up the Instructor Base can go next level as Urbhanize Shorties® and the Urbhanize® Step2 training to improve their skills, reach more people, add new classes on their schedule.

What is Urbhanize Shorties®?

Urbhanize Shorties® is a Dance Fitness program for children and youth in the age between 6 and 12 based on the Urban moves from Street Dance and Hip Hop. Urbhanize Shorties® is combining cool moves that children easily can relate to with Smokin ́Hot HipHop Music, adding elements from the Indian/Pakistani folk dance Bhangra. The format of Urbhanize Shorties® is very easy for children to follow, and will for sure let them shine, while having lots of fun and joy. The many benefits of Urbhanize Shorties® are not only developing healthy cardio respiratory effects, that will follow children into adulthood, but they also develop thinking and communication skills, and will build self-confidence. The idea of Urbhanize Shorties® is to give children the opportunity to exercise while having lots of fun, developing a healthy lifestyle, feeling the good vibes from the great beats of the music, learning new cultures, expressing emotions through their body, grow physically strong, develop thinking and communication skills as they explore and interact with the world around them along with building a healthy self-confidence

Less stress – more fun

The benefits of Urbhanize are not only great cardio respiratory effects, as toning parts are incorporated to give an awesome all over body workout and great shaped muscles.

The idea of Urbhanize® is to bring something new and different into the growing dance fitness industry, by giving the students an opportunity to express a cool attitude while feeling and following the great vibes and beat from the funky music.

Having them work out while having fun, leaving stress and other thoughts outside the class room.

Through Urbhanize®, students will feel a high, pumping endorphins, and increased heart rate, which will positively benefit them both physically and mentally.